Lukas Novotny, the artisan behind Saluki Bows, was born and raised in the former Czechoslovakia, where he was trained as a glass sculptor. He immigrated to the United States at age of 21, and after working for many years as a glass artist, he decided to pursue his childhood passion for bows. In 1998 Lukas founded Saluki Bow Company, and has been full time bowyer since then.

Known for making some of the most refined and high performing modern interpretations of Asian bows, Lukas Novotny is also a  successful instructor of mounted archery, having given clinics and demonstrations in the USA, Canada, France, Germany, India, Australia and  Brazil. Lukas is co-founder and former President of the "Mounted Archery Association of the Americas - MA3" . The Saluki Bow Company is a one man operation, but Lukas is assisted in the office by his wife, the Brazilian mounted archer Patricia Viana.

Saluki Bow Co. takes its name from the most ancient breed of hunting dog. Slender, swift and deadly accurate, the Saluki dogs from the Middle East and North Africa, epitomize what a great bow should be. When Lukas  started  making his first Salukis back in the 90's, they were different than anything else found on the market. The unique  limb design based on the Asiatic composite bows, sets the Saluki bows apart, and they are the culmination of many years of not only study, but the painstaking process of recreating authentic horn bows. The kind of understanding that can only be gained from the experience of building horn bows of Turkish, Scythian and Mongolian origin.


"I have constantly been in search of the most efficient design, and it is an ongoing process. Horn bows have been my motivation from the beginning, and the rich history they left behind has become a constant source of inspiration for me. I like to think that the use of the most technically advanced materials in combination wit outstanding historical tradition sets what I am doing from the crowd."

Lukas Novotny




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2018 Duel in the Desert MA3 Championship, Arizona, USA

          Grand Champion

           1st Place in Korean, Qabac, Scythian, Polish styles

           2nd Place in Hungarian style

2018 Traditional Archery Festival, Kiev, UKRAINE

          Grand Champion

2018 Al Faris 3rd International Horseback Archery Competition in Amman, JORDAN

          2nd Place European Style

2017 S.T.A.R. International Horseback Archery Competition, Seguin, TX, USA

          Grand Champion

2016 Battle Track Trophy, MALAYSIA

          2nd Place in Mounted Archery

2016 MA3 International Mounted Archery Competition, Phoenix, AZ, USA

          Grand Champion

2016  ETRAC, Adana, TURKEY

            !st Place Mameluk Style

            3rd Place Qabac Style

2016 WHAF 11th World Horseback Archery Championsh​ip, SOUTH KOREA 

           2nd Place Qabac

2015  International Horseback Archery Competition, Toshogu Shrine, Nikko, JAPAN

           2nd Place as part of Team USA

2015 ETRAC, Biga, TURKEY

           1st Place Qabac

            1st Place Mameluk Style

2015 MA3 International Mounted Archery Competition, Oregon, USA

           Grand Champion

           1st Place Hungarian

           1st Place Five Dragons

           3rd place Qabac

2014 WHAF 10th World Horseback Archery Championsh​ip, SOUTH KOREA 

           2nd Place Overall

           1st Place Qabaq Style

2014 EOCHA International Horseback Archery Competition, MALAYSIA

          Grand Champion

          2nd Place Hungarian Style

          1st Place Korean Serial Shot                                                                                                                                                                           

2014  MA3 International Mounted Archery Competition, Oregon, USA

           Grand Champion

           1st Place Korean Style

           1st Place Hungarian Style

           1st Place Qabac 

2014 Eurasian Traditional Archery Competition (ETRAC), Biga, TURKEY

          Grand Champion

          1st Place Qabac

          1st Place Mameluk Style

2014 HUNOCHA International Horseback Archery Competition, HUNGARY

          4th Place Overall

          2nd Place Shower of Arrows Style

2014 Kassai World Cup, Kaposmero, HUNGARY

          2nd Place among international competitors

2014 MA3 Bi-Continental Championships, Texas, USA

         Grand champion

         1st Place in Hungarian Style

         1st Place in Qabaq

         1st Place in Texas Hunt Style

         1st Place in Texas Comanche Attack Style

         1st Place in Texas Multiple Shot

2013 International Archery Competition, Biga, TURKEY

         1st Place in Mounted Archery

2013 Grunwald Museum Mounted Archery Competition, Grunwald, POLAND

         2nd Place overall

2012 Al Faris International Horseback Archery Competition in Amman, JORDAN

        2nd Place in the Elimination Runs (Due to tight schedule Lukas could not stay for the Finals)

2012 MA3  National Competition Texas, USA

          1st Place in Overall Score (National Champion)

          1st Place in Qabak

          1st Place in Korean Style

          2nd Place in Hungarian Style

2011 Al Faris International Horseback Archery Competition  in Amman, JORDAN

         1st Place in Hungarian Style

         3rd Place in Turkish Style

         2nd Place in Overall Score

2010 International Invitational Horseback Archery Challenge in Oregon, USA

        1st Place in Overall Score

        1st Place in Hungarian Style

        1st Place in Three Shot Korean Style

        3rd Place in Single Shot Korean Style

2005  WHAF First International Horseback Archery Competition, SOUTH KOREA

         2nd Place in Double Shot Korean Style

         3rd Place in Serial Shot Korean Style