If you are thinking about ordering a  Saluki bow, just send me an e-mail to and we will talk about your options. We understand English, Czech, Portuguese, German as well as some Spanish and Polish. Or just use google translate.

You will then be asked to make a nonrefundable deposit of US$300 (US$600 for Horn Bows) that covers materials fee. This makes your order official, and you enter the waiting list which is around at least 12 months at the moment and even longer for Horn Bows.  I apologize for the long wait, but all bows are custom made by myself. Due to increased demand, I do not have stock of bows.

Methods of payment are: Check/Money Order,,, Bank Wire International Transfer.  Checks should be written to Lukas Novotny, and not to Saluki Bow Co., please.

Shipping & handling price depends on country of destination, but it is generally from US$50 to U$80 for a bow.

To get 10% off the price of your Saluki, just show proof of current membership in the MA3-Mounted Archery Association of the Americas. It is open to anyone, anywhere. Sign up here.


The Fine Print:

Balance of purchase price is due upon completion of the bow, but prior to shipping. Orders shall be carefully packaged, and I cannot be liable for delays or damage due to courier error, strikes, fire, accidents and matters beyond my control. For example, if your bow that gets lost/stolen during shipment, beware that your maximum refund will be the insured amount of the shipment and not the total price of the bow. Import duties, if any, are paid by the buyer, directly to the buyer's government. Saluki Bow Co. guarantees the craftsmanship of all bows under 70 lbs for one calendar year after shipment date. Bows over 70 lbs draw weight have no warranty. Damage which occurs due to bad handing, either during stringing or shooting of the bow will not be covered. Any alterations done by the customers to the bows without my permission, voids the warranty completely.  To the prices, an extra amount will be added for the shipment of the bow (depends on destination), and in case of non cash payment (PayPal, Bank Transfer, etc) a processing fee may also apply. Customers within the United States will be charged 11% Federal Excise Tax. Florida customers add 6% for the State Sales Tax. Since all of our bows are individually handcrafted, expect delivery only after around 12 months, unless expedited delivery has been arranged. I am a one man operation and cannot keep mass production of bows, so please be patient...

Thanks for the business,

Lukas Novotny

Saluki Bow Co.





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